Release News (2017.11)

Takara Tomy will release the following figures on November 17 2017.
  • Hyper size series EHP_12 Necrozma, EHP_13 Necrozma Dusk Mane, EHP_14 Necrozma Dawn Wings
Takara Tomy MONCOLLE EX Necrozma, Necrozma Dusk Mane, Necrozma Dawn Wings

  • Super size series ESP_15 Lycanroc Dusk form
Lycanroc Dusk Form figure Takara Tomy Moncolle EX ESP_15
  • Z-move series EZW_06 Ash's Pikachu 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt
Takara Tomy MONCOLLE EX EZW 06 Ash's Pikachu 10,000,000 volt thunderbolt

  • Alola cap Pikachu alternative pose in MONCOLLE Shaky Case (ぐらぐらケース)
Takara Tomy MONCOLLE Shaky Case Alola Cap Pikachu alternative pose in Takara Tomy MONCOLLE EX Shaky Case

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