Release News (2018) Jan-Apr

Takara Tomy JP will release the following figures in January - April 2018. Will replace the pictures soon.
Thank you to Instagram@sephbastian & @francis_yew for the heads up!

■Hyper Size
Takara Tomy Moncolle EX EHP series Buzzwole Kommo-o
Ho-oh figure Takara Tomy Moncolle EHP_17Ho-oh figure Takara Tomy Moncolle EHP_18

■Super Size / Regular Size
Takara Tomy Moncolle EX ESP seres Garchomp Ditto DittoPikachu Tapu Fini

■Regular Size
Takara Tomy Moncolle EX  EMC series Jangmo-o Magikarp Stufful Alolan Dugtrio Standygast

■New series PokeDek-Z EMC figure with PokeBall (ポケデルゼ)

Takara Tomy Moncolle EX EMC(S) series Pikachu Charizard Moltres Articuno Zapdos

■Pokeball Series
Takara Tomy Moncolle EX Poke Ball series Quick Luxury Beast ball

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